Material base

Scientific-research laboratories and the equipment it is intended:

  • - for training of bachelors, masters and doctoral candidates on specialties of metallurgy (5B070900, 6M070900, 6D70900), and also mineral processing (5B073700, 6M073700);


  • - In the metallurgical direction at department of M&MP there is an equipment allowing to carry out all cycle of laboratory researches including processes: crushing, grinding, roasting, melting, leaching, electrolysis, extraction, ion exchange.


for performance of researches on studying (gravitational, floatation and magnetic) beneficiation of ores and development of technologies of metallurgical processing and complex use of raw materials within the research programs provided by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (ME&S RK) and also on a basis the contractual works.


Training laboratory


In the laboratories of the department there is a planetary mill acquired at the expense of the subject of SRW under the direction of doctor of technical sciences Dauletbakov T.S., autoclave installation and spectrophotometers which was purchased on a subject of the leading Zhunusova G. Zh.



Planetary mill and autoclave installation


Current academic year on subjects of SRW under the direction of the Dr.Tech.Sci. Alybayev Zh. A. the high-temperature Naberterm furnace with vertical working space is acquired, the similar furnace of horizontal execution is acquired on subject of SRW under the direction of the Dr.Tech.Sci. Tleugabylov S. M. These scientists have also in common reanimated the high-temperature furnace of Tamman. Such equipment allows to carry out modelling of processes of melting of burdening materials up to the temperatures of 1500-1700 °C and it is necessary when carrying out laboratory researches of pyrometallurgical processes a mill and autoclave installation.



Vertical and horizontal high-temperature Nabertherm furnaces


The department has the equipment for physical and chemical researches of initial raw materials, industrial products and products of concentrating repartition and metallurgical production.



Spectrophotometers for the analysis of solutions


Laboratories are available the SPARK-1 spectrophotometer of the X-ray fluorescent express analysis of solid and powder materials. From the analytical equipment there is also differential scanning calorimeter of STA 409 PC/PG NETZSCH Company, Germany carrying out the thermal analysis of samples, etc.



Extraction, evaporation, condensation


In the direction "Enrichment of ores" the department is equipped with various equipment for crushing and grinding ore, floatation and magnetic enrichment with receiving concentrates of non-ferrous and rare metals.



Equipment for crushing and grooving


The laboratory equipment for enrichment of ores is manufactured in standard factory execution and allows to reproduce a full production cycle on enrichment of ores.



Equipment for grinding and classification


Some types of equipment were developed by the staff of the department, in particular, the installation of gravity concentration of slurry fractions of ores containing noble metals was developed by Professor M. Shautenov.



Ultrasonic Aero-Dehydrator and Vibrating Machine


By results of SRW new samples of devices – the centrifugal hydraulic concentrator (the RK Patent No. 25645) and an ultrasonic aero-decohydraulic cleaner are developed and patented.

Educational and research operations are carried out using the modern computer technologies and the software. At the disposal of students and teaching staff there is a complex of different analytical programs: thermodynamic calculations - the program HSC Outocumpu, Thermokinetic NETZSCH Company, Germany - the program of kinetic calculations. Results of SRW are acts of implementation of results of SRW in educational process, articles in domestic and foreign logs, patents. Students, undergraduates, doctoral candidates and teaching staff participate in different conferences and exhibitions.

Collective seeks to make a worthy contribution to the solution of the tasks stated in Messages of the President of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev N. A. and in programs of development of the NС JSC "KazNRTU named after K.I. Satpayev".