Material base

Chair MPHaNSV has 3 educational laboratories and 3 specialized educational and research laboratories, 1 computer class, 1 educational audience with an interactive board which provide educational process of a bachelor degree, magistracies and doctoral studies and NIR performance:
1. Laboratory of special courses
2. Laboratory of metallurgical processes
3. Laboratory of heattechnical processes
4. Laboratory of physical and chemical researches
5. Laboratory of spectroscopic methods of research
6. Laboratory of powder metallurgy
7. Computer class
8. Audience with an interactive board

Total floor space of laboratories and offices of chair 362 sq.m. The total area of educational placements for one student makes – 3,2 sq.m. The square of laboratories and offices of a special profile for one student – 2,8 sq.m. The square of audiences for one student – 2 sq.m. Equipment of laboratories by modern devices corresponds to tasks of preparation of bachelors by specialty 050709 - Metallurgy. Material base of a chair as a whole conforms to the qualification requirements, when established by licensing rules of educational activity.