Research work

The department MPH and TSM over the last year performed 5 research work grants funded by the state budget:

– State budgetary theme "Technology disposal of arsenic waste", supervisor - Luganov, V.A .;
– 747.MES.GF.12.6 research work grant "Development of hydrometallurgical processing technology reflection-poor mineral and technogenic copper raw material through leaching and ion exchange concentration of metals", supervisor - Baikonurova A.O.;
– 747.MES.GF.12.6 research work grant "Production of fine copper powder by electrodeposition in the presence of surfactants", supervisor - Baikonurova A.O.;
- 757.MON.GF.15.RIPR.21 research work grants "Concentration and refining of non-ferrous metals of productive solutions», supervisor - Mamyrbaeva K.K.;
- 757 MON.GF.15. RIPR.26 research work grant "Development of technology for metal powders and oxidized iron nanodispersed sizes", supervisor - Luganov V.A
- Planning of research work is done not only within the department as a whole, but each teacher individually and take into account the SRWS, SRWM and SRWD, participation in international conferences, symposia, etc.

Results of research have been used successfully in the laboratory and practical training of a number of disciplines of specialties 050709 (5B070900) - Metallurgy, 6M070900 - Metallurgy, 6D070900 – Metallurgy


The main results achieved in 2014-2015 stud. year.:
– published more than 54 scientific articles in journals of Kazakhstan and abroad;
- Materials research work presented more than 21 international conferences, including abroad.

Students and masters are also actively involved in research work competitions.

Many reports of students awarded certificates of honor and gratitude.