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The pace of development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, state programs of industrialization and introduction of innovations call for an increase in the professionalism of personnel. The University and the Department of Mine Surveying and Surveying themselves are making serious efforts to implement this requirement. So, on October 16, 2014 the solemn opening of the Branch of the department on the basis of the Swiss company in Kazakhstan "Leica Geosystems Kazakhstan" took place. The main goal of the Branch is to expand cooperation within the framework of university-industry interaction and involves joint activities to attract industry representatives for lecture and practical classes with students and young university teachers. Within the framework of the Branch's work at the LLP Leica Geosystems Kazakhstan, joint conferences and seminars will be organized on topical issues.


One of the key moments of opening the branch of the department in Leica Geosystems KZ.

Leica Geosystems, a Swiss company with its more than 100-year history, is the flagship of the technology market for geodesy, surveying, design, construction, road construction, industrial geodesy, aerial photography and spatial data processing. Practical training (in the form of industrial practice of KazNRTU students) of professional personnel, including in the service laboratory of Leica Geosystems LLP, will become one of the priorities of the Branch's activities.


The grand opening of the branch was for the Department staff memorable event.

Within the framework of the Branch, joint conferences and seminars will be organized on topical issues. One of the priorities of the activity of the Branch of the Chair at LLP Leica Geosystems Kazakhstan will be the practical training of professional personnel in the form of the production practice of KazNRTU students, including in the service laboratory of LLP.


Equipment Leica, supplied to the Republic of Kazakhstan, has been operating in various industries for almost 20 years and has proved itself to be of the highest quality and reliable service support of the manufacturer. By the way, we note that the staff of Leica Geosystems Kazakhstan LLP is more than 20% of KazNRTU's graduates. Leica Geosystems is proud of its staff and invests directly in their development of sufficient funds, thus ensuring the sustainable development of the company and the industry as a whole.


The long-term fruitful cooperation of Leica Geosystems with KazNRTU, which was marked by the opening of the Branch, marked the beginning of a new stage in their relationship, significantly expanding the opportunities for professional growth of both sides.


Also, one of the priorities of the activity of the Branch of the Chair at Leica Geosystems KZ LLP will be the practical training of professional staff. The activities of the Branch will be aimed at realizing the idea of ​​the President of Kazakhstan - Nursultan Nazarbayev to ensure the development of the system of engineering education and modern technical specialties.


PTS chairs in the Branch of LLP Leica Geosystems KZ.

Students trained on the basis of the newly opened Branch will receive the best knowledge and skills of applying modern technologies for geodesy, surveying and processing of spatial data. So, for the preparation of mine surveyors and surveyors, the department has training laboratories, in particular, the "Scientific Research Laboratory of Innovative Geospatial Technologies in Geodesy, Cartography and Surveying", created by the Swiss company Leica Geosistems.


The goal of the laboratory's opening is the integration of scientific, educational and innovative activities in the field of geospatial technologies and the implementation of joint activities aimed at improving the training of specialists.


In the Research Laboratory of Innovative Geospatial Technologies in Geodesy, Cartography and Mine Surveying.


The research laboratory will solve the problems of digital photogrammetry and digital mapping for research projects and university curricula. During the opening of the laboratory, the presentation of modern software and hardware processing complexes for digital aerospace imagery, geodetic receivers for global navigation satellite systems, tools for geographic information systems and other modern geodetic equipment, and instruments was held.


Classes with undergraduates in the SRL of innovative geospatial technologies in geodesy, cartography and mine surveying.

The availability of educational and scientific laboratories equipped with modern equipment at the department makes it possible at present to train specialists in the mining and surveying-gedeic profile at a qualitatively new level.


Modern technical equipment and computer class.


A lesson on the study of a drone and a laser scanner.


During training sessions at the training ground.


As for the equipment of the department, in 2017 it is very high. This is the unmanned aerial vehicle GEOSCAN-101, the robotic total station TS15, the laser 3D scanner FARO FOCUS 3D, the laser scanner GEOSIGHT, the electronic total station TR1205, the two sets of dual-frequency GPS receivers of the firm Leica, the digital level.


For data processing with UAVs, there are such specialized software products as Agisoft PhotoSCAN, Sputnic. To process data from a laser scanner, TRW (Trimble Real Works) software is available.


To process the results of geodynamic and geomechanical observations there are software complexes. Thus, at the disposal of the department the most modern hardware and software, allowing to solve the problems of both the educational process and research problems.