Material base

The department has educational auditoriums and laboratories equipped with the necessary equipment to provide the educational process, technical training aids, modern training equipment, posters and models.

The equipment of educational and laboratory classrooms, training workshops:


402A TTK Mechanical workshop:

- Screw cutting machine

 -Screw combined machine

- Vertical drilling machine

- grinding machine

- Grinding machine


403 TTK  Laboratory of special methods of welding and cutting:

welding machine МINFRMIGADAPTIVE 180 № 945 от 25.11.06 г.
- Smith forging SM-40




404 A TTK: Special  classroom:


-Ball mill

-Blade-type agitator

-Jaw crusher

-Beater mill

-Vibrating screen

-multimedia projector

-Laboratory mill



409 TTK  Contact welding and soldering laboratory

-electric welding machine of alternating current
-electro-welding device for direct current
-contact welding of PBF / 16 on 21/09/05.
-contact spot welding 169525
-transformer for welding 169523



412ТТК. Laboratory of Dynamics and Strength:
-part of the equipment:
-electronic circuit


417ТТК. Welding materials laboratory:
-metallographic microscope MIKROS (Austria)
-weights electronic 0.005g.


430 ТТК.  Laboratory of "Operation and lubrication":


4 ГМК. Laboratory of stationary installations.

Equipped with natural samples of pumps, centrifugal and axial fans, piston and turbochargers, air blown


18 ТТК.  Laboratory "Technological Machines and Equipment"
-Interactive stand
-machine rig





138 ГМК. The N. Davilbekov Training Laboratory.
-interactive board
- three-way pneumatic distributor (FESTO)
Safety valve (FESTO) 4
-stend of virtual reality "Regulating and distributing equipment for hydraulic drive of mining machines"

- Training industrial workshops and training polygon of the department.




20 ГМК. Laboratory of Transport Machines and Installations
-Lentals conveyor layout
-laboratory bench for determining the axis specific gravity


The department of  TM&E has a training ground equipped with operating machines and mock-ups, in particular: an industrial sample of centrifugal shotcrete machines; Drilling rig for drilling wells; Scraper winch LS-17; Mobile compressor K2; Contact electric locomotive of German company "Hans Byler" type EL5 / 04; Industrial sample of mine car VG-4,5 maket of mine workings with various types of fastening of walls and roof, mining machines of various purposes.

Equipped with a large set of full-scale drilling, oilfield and laboratory equipment, training well with SHSNU, a set of tools and instruments for conducting practical exercises and testing equipment.


225 ГУК. Laboratory «Simulator of the drilling wells».

Theoretical preparation for 20 seats and with simulator of the drilling wells АМТ-221, which is able to modulate all possible technological operations drilling oil and gas wells in real mode and situation with visualization and analysis.


225а ГУК. Laboratory «Simulator КRS».

Theoretical preparation for 12 seats и and with simulator of the drilling wells АМТ-401, позволяющая is able to modulate all possible technological operations of the current repair and overhaul of the oil and gas wells and increase it’s productivity in real mode and situation with visualization and analysis.




410а ГУК.  Laboratory «Heat engineering and installation of heatк».

20 seats and laboratory and installations on the disciplines «Thermodynamics and heat transfer», «Internal combustion engine»


706 НК. Laboratory of oilfield equipment.

Theoretical training for 40 seats, natural samples of the industrial equipment, layout and interactive board. .