Research work

Educational-scientific laboratory "Dynamics and strength of metallurgical equipment"


1. Beysenov Baurzhan , Ph.D., Associated Professor of the Department "Technological Machines and Equipment"
2. Kurmanaliyev Murat, lecturer of the department "Technological machines and equipment"


Educational programs:
- dynamics of metallurgical machines;
- the fundamentals of designing metallurgical machines;
- The technique of the experiment.

Scientific and production activity:
- Consulting services in the preparation of designers and strain gauges.

Direction of research:
- development of universal pneumatic modules;
- development of technology and technical equipment for shaking caking bulk materials.



Digital strain gage bridge CTM-5, Manufacturer: РОСТОЧПРИБОР.


Dynamic hardness tester TKM-359
Producer: NPP MASHPROEKT (production of non-destructive testing devices) - 2011


Laboratory test bench
Manufacturer: VILLA DI SERIO (BG), Italy


Electronic metal science microscope


Installation for the realization of the EG effect (the L.Yutkin effect)​​​​​​​





Stand for the study of pneumatic cylinders​​​​​​​


Universal pneumatic modular drive​​​​​​​


Research work of the department in the direction "Machines and equipment of the oil and gas industry" is built on the basis of the relationship between current and future plans for the development of departments and the university. In accordance with the work plan, research works are carried out on the following topics:

1. Comprehensive initiative-search state budget research - "Development of energy-resource-saving equipment for the oil and gas industry".

 (Scientific adviser - Prof. Myrzakhmetov B)

2. State budgetary research "Modernization of serial balancing drives of rod-type well pumps into long-stroke pumps".

 (Scientific adviser - Prof. Myrzakhmetov B)

3. State budget research "Development of new methods of open storage of sulfur to reduce the harmful impact on the environment."

 (Supervisor - Associate Professor Zaurbekov S) 


In the conduct of research, staff members of the department participate with the involvement of students and undergraduates. In addition, the staff of the department actively conducts initial research work for the development of preliminary research results, testing the designs of laboratory samples of new equipment and subsequent participation in grants and program-targeted funding for research. Close scientific contacts are maintained with industrial enterprises in the form of information exchange, discussion of problems at conferences, seminars and scientific and technical councils.


For the last 2016-2017 year. More than 100 articles on materials of scientific research were published by the staff and undergraduates of the department, 10 innovative patents were received, 2 - patents for inventions, 6 applications for patents were filed. In total, more than 150 patents and patents for inventions are on the staff of the department.


All teachers, undergraduates and students of the department actively participate in thematic, in international and national conferences held at the university, in the republic and abroad. There are constant contacts with scientific and educational institutions. Geography of international conferences, in which the teachers of the department took part - Poland (Katowice), Russia (Magnitogorsk, St. Petersburg, Barnaul, Tyumen, Perm, Samara, etc.), Kazakhstan (Atyrau, Taraz, Almaty, etc.).


Students and undergraduates of the department are actively involved in performing research. Subjects of diploma projects and master's theses have elements of scientific novelty, take into account the needs of production. Individual projects are carried out on orders from enterprises to solve specific production tasks. At the department among the teaching staff and trainees is cultivated the school of invention and rationalization. Based on the results of research, some students and undergraduates became holders of patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan for inventions, were awarded with Diplomas of Republican and international competitions, Honorary Diplomas.


For the scientific work of teaching staff, students and undergraduates there are scientific laboratories for simulation modeling of drilling and well workover processes, a training ground for oil equipment, equipped with instruments and simulators, the necessary minimum of metalwork equipment.